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Major League Baseball 2010 Over/Under Save Prop Bets & Predictions

The over/under proposition bets for Major League Baseball relievers can always be tricky. Always take into account whether there is a possibility of splitting saves or if the pitcher is on a downturn. In 2009 Francisco Rodriguez only saved 35 games for the New York Mets. The year before Rodriguez saved a Major League Baseball record 62 games. The added wear and tear on Rodriguez arm definitely had an effect on him. This is what happened in 토토 last time as well. 

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook originally posted eight relievers for this proposition bet, but Joe Nathan of the Minnesota Twins is now out for the season preparing to undergo Tommy John surgery. The remaining seven relievers are all solid, which leads to some tough decisions. All bets are -110 either over or under.

Francisco Rodriguez Over/Under 36.5 saves.

The question with New York Met, Francisco Rodriguez is simple. Is his arm dead forever or was 2009 an aberration? There is no doubt that whenever a pitcher saves more than 50 games they usually have a decline the next year. Trevor Hoffman was possibly the most consistent reliever of all time and he suffered the next year after saving 53 games in 1998. Bet under 36.5 saves for Francisco Rodriguez.

Rafael Soriano Over/Under 29.5 saves.

Tampa Bay Ray reliever Rafael Soriano saved 27 games for Atlanta last season and he is Tampa Bay’s official stopper for 2010. Last season was Soriano’s breakout season so still not enough to go on for a bet. No bet.

Jonathan Broxton Over/Under 35.5 saves.

Los Angeles Dodger reliever Jonathan Broxton completed his first full season as the Los Angeles Dodger stopper last season. Joe Torre has a lot of confidence in Broxton, so look for him to get more opportunities in 2010. The difference between Broxton and Soriano will be familiarity. Broxton will save more than Soriano this year and more than 35.5. Bet Broxton over 35.5 saves.

Jonathan Papelbon Over/Under 37.5 saves.

Boston Red Sox stopper Jonathan Papelbon averages 38 saves a season, right on the number. The last two seasons Papelbon has exceeded 37.5 with 38 in 2009 and 41 in 2008. Very tough call to make a play on Papelbon. Leaning towards the over but should play it safe and will say no bet.

Francisco Cordero Over/Under 32.5 saves.

Cincinnati Reds reliever Francisco Cordero has exceeded 32.5 saves the last three seasons. Cincinnati isn’t that strong but Cordero can save over 36 this season without much effort. Cordero is the perfect bet, he hasn’t been over used and has been consistent over the last three years. Bet Cordero over 32.5 saves.

Mariano Rivera Over/Under 36.5 saves.

New York Yankee Mariano Rivera is the Energizer Bunny of relievers. He keeps going and going–etc. Rivera is in the last year of his contract. Will he push himself too hard? Rivera showed chinks in the armor the last few years but he continues to deliver. 36.5 is not much for Rivera to overcome but he has been below that number of saves two of the last four years. Age has to factor in eventually, bet Rivera under 36.5.

Brian Wilson Over/Under 35.5 saves.

San Francisco Giant, Brian Wilson is still on the upswing entering his third year as the San Francisco stopper with 38 saves and 41 saves the last two seasons. San Francisco is still solid enough to put Wilson in position for 40-45 saves, it is up to Wilson to convert those save opportunities. Bet Wilson over 35.5 saves.

Don’t forget to shop the lines and get the best number. The numbers given in this article can change at any time. Always be aware of the number before placing a bet at the window.