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Movie Inspired Slot Machines From Reel To A Different Kind Of Reel

Online casino software game developers have always sought inspiration from movies. What is popular in reel life also seems to pull the heartstrings of reel players too. As soon as a movie is released, game designers and developers get to work and come out with the next game based on the film theme. It’s an easy inspiration and it draws the crowds. NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Bally’s, and many others often look to Hollywood for ideas that they can offer to platforms like Situs Judi Bola. They add impressive graphics, build in bonus spins and freebies and churn out new titles that are concocted for success.

Let’s look at some great movie-inspired slot games that got player attention.

  1. Scarface Slot by Net Entertainment

Created by the Swedish game developer, NetEnt, Scarface stands out as a slot game. It is a 5-reel slot based on the classic movie written by Oliver Stone. The game incorporates sounds, graphics, scenes, and animation; even a bonus structure that will catch the fancy of players who have liked the movie. Tony Montana and Manny Ribera epitomize the ‘gangster’ theme and just like the film, there is a lot of blood, cash, and weapons in the game too. Scarface is a classic and so is the Scarface slot game!

  1. Rocky Slot Game by Playtech

Sylvester Stallone immortalized the character of boxer Rocky Balboa in the movie classic of the same name. The movie became a huge hit and several sequels later it emerged as one of the most well-liked films of all time. Software maker Playtech latched on and came out with a video slot game complete with an 80’s look and feel. Reel symbols in the game show Rocky and other characters from the film and its sequels including Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang.

  1. King Kong Slot Game by Playtech

The big gorilla of casino software developers is Playtech and the King Kong slot from this team has players beating their chests with excitement. The game is a five reeler with twenty lines. Players have a choice of the ‘Big City’ or ‘Jungle Mode’ and both are resplendent with scatter symbols, re-spins, and bonus rounds. Players can wager from a single cent up to $2. A total bet of $40 is allowed per spin.

  1. Robin Hood: Shifting Riches by NetEnt

Robin Hood, the fictional character who took from the rich and gave to the needy finds a new avatar in the NetEnt game, Robin Hood: Shifting Riches. Cool graphics, sounds, and animation lend thrill to this slot game. But that’s not what is innovative about the game. There is a shifting reel feature that activates when you make a winning combination. The reels shift to the right; the reel to the extreme right disappears and a new reel gets added to the left side. This continues until you are not able to make any more winning combinations. This one of a kind shifting reel feature will get you going and will keep you enticed for a long time.

Movie-themed games for online casinos aren’t new. As long as game developers continue to add zing to them buy incorporating fun elements and features, players will queue up. Themes will come and go; it’s the ingenuity that needs to stay!