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Online Free Poker Game Tips

I’ve been playing pkv poker for 4 years now and here are the top 6 strategies that have earned me quite a few thousand quick n’ easy dollars over the years.

  • One

Know your enemy: Tight, elephants, maniacs, donkeys, sharks, and fishes and learned that to beat them, you must have the ability to first spot what type of players are they. (free poker sites are great places to find donkeys, fish, and maniacs.)

  • Two

Position play. One of the key factors which allows you to decide what type of hands to play. The button is the best position to be on. If the other players limp in with a call, chances are, they are weak and a good raise should either force them to call, or to fold and earn their blinds.

It is also a good position to bluff from as you see what the opposition does before making a decision on whether to take a stab at the pot. This is because you are the last to act.

However, if someone raises before you, and you have a weak hand, then it’s best to fold because it is very hard to win with a 7 2 Beer Hand) against Bullets (Pocket Aces).

If these names mean nothing to you see this free poker games site for poker hand name definitions.

  • Three

Have the aggression to lead out even if you have a marginal hand. This both serves as a trap should if you hit the flop with a J 8 and opponents might think you have a good hand such as AK or AQ and you have missed the flop so they would think you are bluffing.

This also serves as a disguise if you have premium hands such as the big slick or cowboys and they would not know you have that because you always raise pre-flop.

Another 2 advantages of this are to:

  1. Kill the limpers who might get lucky on the flop. The more you reduce the number of people going into the flops, the higher your chances of winning.
  2. It may reveal your opponent’s strength of their hands as they called to your raise.

However, you must have the guts to lose the money if you did not hit the flop and not be pot committed which may result in loss of more money.

Keep risk super low until you’re confident and practice this at free poker games sites.

  • Four

Mixing your hand play approach is a good way to confuse the opposition over what cards you have. Especially so if you’re up against good players (sharks) who will be tracking your hand playing patterns for certain.

For example:

  1. For the first-hour play real tight. Skilled opponents, in particular, will start the top counter play you accordingly.
  2. In hour 2 start raising and betting like a grinder.
  3. Your opponents have no idea what you have and may just walk into your trap without realizing it.
  4. free poker sites are ideal places to master this and also to learn how to observe and memorize other players’ hand playing habits.
  • Five

Play the opposite style of your main opponents. This can frustrate them and may make them tilt a bit (go manic and make mistakes). Be a grinder if you are against a tight player because you get to steal their blinds more than often and show that he/she really has a good hand if he/she calls.

  • Six

Be a tight player against maniacs because you know the action is always there and you just have to wait for a good hand to earn some money from them. This is perfect on free poker games sites where you get a lot of maniacs.

Sharks, however, avoid them if you play for the money especially early in your career.

As you improve though start to go after lesser sharks, it feels really good when you outplay the shark by being a bigger shark!

So go ahead, be the shark and own that table. Start out at free poker sites and become a shark there before moving up to challenge other sharks where your strong core skills will serve you well in these more challenging environments.

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