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Online Poker Versus Casino Poker Which Is Better

poker is a widely played card game all over the world. poker can be played online without real betting even in case the player is a novice and wants to get used to the rules and methods to play it. In order to begin with playing online poker, you need to sign up to a poker website. Online social networks also have a feature of poker and you can play free poker with your friends and acquaintances.

Playing online poker is quite different from playing casino poker, at least on a number of grounds. While playing online you can’t rely on the player psychology or pick up any signs. You also have more chance of winning online than at a casino. The dealing is much faster online and you can hence, play more. There exist many other advantages playing online. But you have to be careful in choosing an online platform to play casino on. Make sure to play on licensed online casino site like Judi Bola Online to ensure safety and fairness.

The most striking difference of online poker from playing poker in casinos is the absence of visual cues to make out bluffs and figuring out other body language. Simple important hints like a flicker of a smile or rubbing the sweat off your hands can turn someone from rags to riches and vice versa. This being a very decisive factor in helping the pros become the pros is absent when it comes to playing poker online. Instead of outward physical behavior, online poker uses other hints such as reaction time; fold percentages and playing speed are considered the online tells in poker.

Other differences include the expenses incurred by the player and playing rate. Since everything, from shuffling to dealing to counting chips is handled by the computer software, your game is much faster. And this allows players to play more. Also the convenience of your own home or work place, no extra tips to waiters, no transportation required for going to any casino and accessibility to some fun betting in your lunch break makes online poker strongly appealing to poker players worldwide. Also the ability to play at many tables simultaneously (which is impossible in brick and mortar casinos) allows a player to increase his chances of a good profit without the need to increase his betting.

Many poker sites offer you a poker bonus when you sign up. poker bonus has different types. Some are just given to you increase your profit percent but cannot be refunded. This is called non-cashable poker bonus. Other cashable bonuses will require you to have a minimum wagering done before you make any cash withdrawal. Let me illustrate this with an example. If you begin with $200, you will get a bonus of say $100. Now you will need to make a wager of 20 times as per the site rules in order to make a withdrawal. So with 20 time 200 + 100$, we have a minimum of $6000 to make before affecting a withdrawal in the game. poker bonus is not seen in every game but is only a feature for new registration and to attract new players to a poker website.