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Should Smoking Be Banned Casinos- Know the reasons!!

How many times does this happen to you? You’re sitting in a casino in Vegas playing poker, the game is going great and you’re having a great time until somebody comes and sits on your table with a big cigar in his mouth, smoking hysterically, and ends up giving you nausea. I for one am really sick of this. At all casinos that I’ve went to in Vegas and the Atlantic City, I’ve encountered many incidents parallel to this, and it really brings out the “mad me”.

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I sincerely think that Cigars and Cigarettes should be banned in these sorts of public places where hygiene is of concern. Many people go out to casinos to have great time and come back under par and ill. The concentration of the game is ruined when the table is full of smoke and intoxicants. You can barely think properly let alone play the game. As if, you’re sitting in a Bar or a Hookah café.

If you think that it’s only me, then think again. In several casinos, the staff has expressed unhappiness over having to breathe second-hand smoke for such long working hours every day. While others put up with it, most of them have called it “quits” and left their jobs giving the reason of Hypoxia. Others agreed saying working in the smoking areas can be unbearable because the small gaming tables increase their proximity to surrounding smokers.

I say that if smoking could be banned in public areas like parks and shopping malls, then why not casinos. What I mean to say is that a normal person in Vegas spends more hours in a casino than he would in a public place. Therefore, the ratio of one catching a breathing disease is more in a casino than in a shopping mall. If health is such a concern then casinos should be the first name on a “no smoking area” list.

So next time I enter a casino, I would love to see a big “No smoking board” that would really set up a good environment for playing poker or blackjack. Moreover, it’ll probably bring more income to the casino if people that have heart problems or diabetes can also enjoy the fun and games and come at a daily rate.