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Sucker Bets: Gambling Do’s And Don’Ts

I have been receiving spam trackbacks and comments from these online casino marketers so much since my blog has been up I decided to do a post on it. I try to make every effort to turn negatives into positives and this is definitely one of those. Now I’m not one of those gambleholics that you see at the tables flying high one minute then outside with his pockets turned inside out the next. However, when I do sit down to bet every so often, I play to win. So much so that I actually did research on betting and gambling so that I never go home without at least breaking even. So enjoy the fruits of my research, trial, and error.

The best tip or advice you can get that will increase your odds tenfold is staying away from “sucker bets”. If you don’t know what I’m speaking of Bravo did a whole special show on this exact topic where successful gamblers and casino managers alike advised against these. Yes, even casino managers have said to increase your odds stay away from these games/bets. The reason they’re called “sucker bets” is because these types of games lure a lot of people, they’re easy to play, you can bet with little money, offer huge payouts, and most importantly the odds are overwhelmingly in the house’s favor.

If you’ve ever been to a casino, chances are you’ve fallen victim to one or more of these “sucker bets”. Sucker bet number one is Keno, or the casino’s version bingo. The rules are pretty much the same and you can play from the comfort of just about any casino restaurant or your own hotel room by just watching numbers light up. You buy a card full of numbers and if the randomly numbers selected by the casino match the numbers on your card in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical pattern you win. The problem with this game is you’re almost guaranteed to loose your money due to the fact that there are normally 80 possible numbers to select from. For example, it is possible to win $1500 just by playing $1. Sounds good so far right? But you’ll have to match 6 numbers on your card with the numbers selected for one game. According to a Keno odds website, the odds of this are 7500 to 1! Added to that you have no control over the numbers selected.

The next sucker bet is Roulette. Thats the one where they roll the ball around a wheel with numbers colored in red or black. If you look closely at it its a lot like Keno in its sense of randomness. Your odds are greater at betting on the color, 50-50 , but the payout is horrible. What makes this worse is that cute number board where they show you the most recent numbers that have come up. If number 15 has come up four times within the last hour its bound to come up again right? Wrong. Ever aspect of this game is again totally random. Putting it into perspective, you bet on one number, the house wins if any other number comes up. You bet on a bunch of numbers, you win your bet on the winning number but loose on you other bets which negates your win.

Roulette is all about luck and not as easy to clear as judi online because you need to make sure that you choose the right number.

The last but least obvious sucker bet is Slot Machines. How many times have we dumped coin after coin into a one armed bandit? Yet you hear all the time about people winning hundreds of dollars on a slot. Now this is the trick that most people don’t consider. All games in casinos will pay off if you stay long enough. Most games require at least $1 dollar or more to play. Slots however, are different in the fact that they can stretch that same same dollar into as many as 100 1-cent plays meaning you can play longer. Odds are the longer you play, the more you loose and when the payout comes you are already in the minus. When you’re playing dollars at a time its easy to track your wins and losses unlike slots where one tends to track by the weight of the coins in their pocket or cup rather than the total amount. Your gambling aunt may have won $300 but its most likely to be after she has already lost $400.

If loses are of less concern to you than ease of play, which casinos are banking on, then keep happily playing these sucker bets knowing you have been formally warned. If you’d like to step up your odds of winning you may want to have a seat at one of those intimidating tables and learn a new game. I recommend Blackjack because of its easy to understand rules, the level of fun can be raised by talking with others at the table, and most importantly your odds increase with the increase in control over your outcome. If its fear of the tables keeping you away, most dealers are very friendly and may even offer pointers in the game.