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Understanding Poker Math

I am surprised, by how many people don’t understand poker math. This is why I’m going to write. About the basics of poker math. For those of you, who would like to know how it works. Of course, remember poker is not all math. It’s just nice to know and more interesting. When your playing a game.

The Bases of Probabilities as We Know It.

Poker math formula consists, of knowing just one easy mathematical procedure. Which is permutations and combinations. It might sound like two procedures. However, they are just about the same, but work together masterfully. For example, You have a 52 card deck. And, want to figure out, how many possible 5 card poker hands there are. Before, you take the first card. You realize, there is 52 cards you can choose from. So, take your first card. Then, there is 51 cards to choose from. Etc., Etc. After, you drawn your 5 cards. Then what? Well, every time you took a card from the deck. There were a certain number of cards left in the deck. Right? So, every time you drew a card. Take the numbers that was left in the deck. And, times them by each other. Such as, 52 X 51 X 50 X 49 X 48 = 311,875,200. The formulation that was just done. Is called a permutation. This is not what we are after. This formulation gives us hands with the exact same cards. Just in different orders.

This formula needs to be memorized in the initial stages because poker math involves having as many cards under your sleeve as in your hand for that is the mark of an expert player which is why one should gain knowledge of dominoqq for understanding the deck of cards in poker.

Now, that we have our permutation. We need one more permutation. To turn our poker math into a combination. It’s simple, How many cards did you draw from the deck? You drew your 1st card from the deck, Then the 2nd,3rd,4,th, and 5th. Take each time you drew a card. Then, times it by the other times you drew a card. Such as, 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 = 120. This would be your final permutation that is needed.

So, how do I create a combination with my two permutations? All you have to do is divide the totals, of your two permutations together. Just as this, 311,875,200 / 220 = 2,598,960. Which is 2,598,960 possible 5 card poker hands. Now, you know how many possible 5 card hands there are. This can be applied to any poker game. By just switching up the variables.

It’s Really That Simple.

Well, I hope it was simple enough. Remember, poker math is not everything. But, nice to know. So, you can realize how unlucky you were.