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Foxwoods And Turning Stone Casinos

There are many great casinos for gamblers and for people who want to have fun on the East coast in the United States. Two of the best casinos that I have been to are Foxwoods and Turning Stone Casino. Foxwoods is the more popular casino that most people have heard of because of their great commercials.

Foxwoods has a lot to offer. It is in a great location with a lot of hotels and bars in the area. The entertainment is great and exciting and many new bands and entertainers come and play. There are a ton of tables to gamble at and slot machines to play. The food is cheap to buy and Foxwoods wants you to stay as long as possible and have the time of your life. Foxwoods is vey accommodating and tries to honor your every request.

Foxwoods is more than just a gambling place. It is a place for the whole family to enjoy with their entertainment and hotels and sights to see. While some people do loose all their money gambling, most people either win a little or loose a little but in the end they have fun and that is the goal of Foxwoods.

Turning Stone is not as well known as Foxwoods but it is still a great place to gamble. Unlike Foxwoods, there aren’t big flashy hotels and resorts surrounding the casino. Turning Stone is mainly a casino. It is on an Indian Reservation land so the minimum age for gambling is only 18 years of age.

That is the age limit that has to be strictly adhered to but underage folks somehow work out a way to wriggle out of this problem as poker is not something that you could resist at that tender age as youngsters aren’t fully aware of the high stakes involved in the game and Turning Stone is anyhow quite a popular choice that one can eagerly lap up.

One of the best things about Turning Stone is that they offer special bonuses and group rates for groups of people. I have gone with a group of 100 people through a college activity and every person got $25 worth of ticket money that could be used on the gambling tables but could not be redeemed for cash until a person won a game. Coupons were also given out for free food and drinks over the course of the day.

Turning Stone encourages people to stay at the casino floor for long periods of time which is why the card dealers give out free complimentary meals to people who stay at the same table for a long period of time. As the saying goes, “The House always wins” and Turning Stone is betting that the longer a person stays at the same table, the better the chances are that any money that person won will be lost by the time they are done.

The casino floor is pretty big and they have a lot of slot machines and many tables filled with card games. The minimum bet for black jack is $10 and no limit texas holdem which is my favorite poker game has a minimum limit of $50 buy in. To me, that’s pretty high but I guess for other people that is chump change.

A disappointing thing for me was that the dealers were not that friendly. My first time at a casino was Turning Stone and I sat down at a black jack table not quite sure how to play with casino rules. The dealer rudely stared at me while he was in the process of shuffling all of the decks of cards. He didn’t even bother explaining to me what he was doing because I had never seen someone take 10 minutes to perfectly shuffle all 8 decks of cards that he was using. The dealers at Foxwoods I found to be a lot nicer and friendlier.

No matter where you decide to go, there is always the hope and dream of striking it big. One of my friends on a college trip to Turning Stone made the most of his opportunity by winning a huge hand in blackjack in which he kept splitting the cards in the same hand. When the dealer busted, my friend had won all 6 cards he had split on and in one hand he won $1000 which is an insane amount to win on one hand and for a college student who has no money to win. Needless to say he bought me dinner that night.

Good luck and as Foxwoods says in their commercial, “Have a Ball!”