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Horse Betting Can Make You Money

Handicapping horses and horse betting are two separate things. You can handicap a race perfectly, but you won’t continually make money from handicapping the horses unless you bet the horses properly. You can maximize the money that you make by sticking to some of the following horse betting strategies.

First, choose the races that you want to focus your money on. Unless you have an unlimited cash stream, you won’t have enough money to bet on every race. By picking your featured races in advance, you’ll ensure that you are making the best use of your funds and thus improving the bets that you make. Playing horse betting is just like playing poker. For you to win, you must know how to control the game. You should also be careful on choosing your alas.

The next step in successful horse betting is to watch the odds closely. This can be difficult to do, but in order to make the most of your horse betting, you need to keep track of not only the odds of your horse, but the odds vary between the wagering pools. For example, your horse may have 5 to 1 odds on the morning line and you find that the horse’s odds start off at 10 to 1 when the wagering opens. You’ll want to wait to place your bet until the post time gets closer so that you ensure that you are still getting good odds on the horse. You’ll also want to look at the exacta and trifecta pools to see how your horse is being bet in these areas. Sometimes, you’ll find that horses that are being bet heavily to win are not being bet at all in the exacta pools (and vice versa). In order to make the most out of your horse betting experience, you’ll want to place the bet so that you are making the most money, so if the odds are better for your horse in the exacta pools, you’ll want to place your bet here instead of in the win pools (i.e. make bets with your horse winning in the exactas instead of just betting your horse to win).

Good horse betting also means that you should “back yourself up.” This means that if you think that a horse is going to win the race, you shouldn’t only put it in the winning position, but you should consider betting exactas that would allow you to win money even if the horse came in second. Trifecta bets pay more, but are more difficult to pick too.

Horse betting can and should be fun, as long as you set wagering limits and think before you bet. One strategy that I’ve found useful is actually writing down the better before placing it – this helps me to make sure that I am placing the right bets. Have fun in your horse betting and of course, good luck!