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Horse Race Betting

Horse race betting is becoming very popular. Racing at full gallop, the horse is ridden by a jockey, who is seated on a saddle placed on the horse’s back. In races at a “trot” or “amble” the driver sits on a small cart drawn from the animal. This is the contest for the ultimate speed and skill of the galloping horse. These abilities are calculated synchronously over a period of time. The score given by a special panel, the correctness of the path carried by the binomial horse / rider, it is usually races where the course is interspersed with obstacles with various ratios of difficulty in If none of the obstacles to be demolished; in part or in whole; the “couple” will get a “clear path”.

Horse racing, being a sport directly compares the various competitors. It is also a major attraction for fans of betting. Most bets are made at the stakes of the race tracks. There are special rooms built for betting so that the enabled receiver could play in the competition “Totip”, based on the arrival of the first two horses in seven races. In each of the six horses are divided into three groups corresponding to the marks 1, X and 2, and must predict, for each race, the group of the first and second runner. The seventh race is called the Stroke, for which the numbers of the first race and the runner-up of the first race is predicted, whether or not the order of the placement, so there is total of fourteen predictions.

Statistics reveal that France is one of the most popular countries for betting on horse races. It holds more than 250 race tracks that host about 1600 races, every year. With this amount of racing, it is completely nominal for betting on horse races. For this there are various tests can be distinguished exactly three, the pot, the obstacle and the trot. As for the racing itself, it is possible to distinguish between different classes, races and Listed Races group who see the best horses to contribute internationally. The various races that cover the various classes of horses that are categorized according to their age, their gender but also their performance. There are also handicap in the races that are run during which the load weight of each rider is determined by a specialist called the handicapper and shall ensure that each participant pair (the jockey and his horse) has all the odds to win the race.

When it comes to betting on horse races, the bettor should generally try to guess the name of the winning horse. This continues for the rest of the places as well. No matter how many horses one can bet on which, bettors focus on obtaining as much information as possible about horses and their jockeys not to mention the type of race, noting that each horse often has its own specialties.

After the betting on the winning horse, the simple game is placed in betting on a horse that is in the top three positions. To learn more about betting games, it is advisable to try it first online. There are several online betting games websites where you can try different games such as Liga168.

 The “carry” is a winning bet is to bet on a horse that will gain at least two trips during the same event. The carry is placed in betting on at least one of the first three horses in two races during an event.

The trio is to find the names of three winners of a race, noting that their order has no importance. The full-back is also to find the three winners of a race but in the case-back, the order of horses is what counts. In fact, if the bettor has found the winners in the order may not claim the amount that corresponds to the order relation. If the bet has been made in a disorderly manner, the player can not claim that the disorder in the report noting that the sum involved is often less important than what is given to players who have found the ranking order.

the principle of pay of the players is the same, depending on whether they have found the charts in the right order or not.

he purpose of a horse racing system is to make one think in terms of the quotas and the merits of each horse in the race. The following factors are considered while betting: Class, consistency, jockey, trainer, speed, last speed. These factors are to be considered on the list of runners. After the statistics, the next step is to look at the odds and when there are two minutes or less left on the clock, a bet on a horse only if he proves that show a profit if it wins. A small tip for professionals use is that they not have a short price on a horse no matter how good it seems. As we all know, just because something looks good on paper does not necessarily mean that they work in real life. Horse race betting is fun and should be something you should look into playing.