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How to Win at Roulette with maximum wins! Read to know

You need to understand one important fact when playing Roulette. It can not be beaten long term. The laws of mathematics can not be tilted in your favor no matter how hard you try. Having said what I just did, it is possible to win at Roulette short term. Let’s say you are visiting your friendly casino and are not interested in playing the slots and card games just don’t do it for you. You walk around the casino and notice the Roulette area is not crowded. You think to yourself, a nice refreshing several hours at the Roulette table sounds appealing especially if you have a great chance at coming away a winner. OK you say…what’s the system?

Essentially we start out betting a unit on any even-money chance that is trending.

By that I mean we look at the marquee. Most give 15 numbers so we use that as a base. If you are in a game with no recorded history, note 15-20 decisions and bet the leading one to start. Red and Black are your best choices as they are easy to visually recognize. This also works with odd-even and high-low.

Okay, we see that Black has more decisions than Red (regardless of the zeros that may have appeared) so we start betting on Black using the table minimum. For the examples herein, I will use $5 as the base bet as that is common.

Also, from the outset you will have to record which side won. Simple hash marks on a sheet of paper will suffice.

After 8 decisions have come and gone, check your wins and losses. If you are even or ahead, stay with the base unit.

If you are down, bet the loss. Let’s say you are at -$10. Your next bet will be for $10. Before placing your bet, look at the record. Is Black still in the lead? If so, keep betting Black. As soon as you are even or in higher profit stop betting the progressed amount and revert back to the base bet once again. So, assuming the next spin was Black, you won and are now even. At this point you start the 8-count all over again.

Had you lost once again (it happens), just bet the amount you are down. That could be the same $10 or more.

Anytime during the 8-count that you break even – STOP!!! Then restart with the base bet once again and restart the 8-count and to better understand it has introduced a new course that is mainly made for these kinds of concerns of an person. Each and every time we start a new 8-count, we check to see which side of the two even money choices is leading and bet that side. Over the course of a session you may find yourself changing sides a few times.

A variation of this plan has the bettor adding a unit so when he wins, the bettor will automatically be in profit. Let’s look at an example. If you are down by $10, then bet $15. If you are down $30, then bet $35. Not a bad way to play but at some point you will have to make a major decision. That will come when after a string of losses that has you progressing and you get a win. The first win may have you a unit or two down. But another win will give you a windfall profit. Do you go for that or just bet what you need to break even or get up a unit?

There you have it. You have been shown a way to play Roulette and come out a winner. Will I win every time you ask? The answer is an obvious no, but your chances of winning or coming out even are excellent using this strategy.