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Online Casino Slots Special Symbols

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of symbols shown online slot game reels. Before, it only served as an indicator on line pay outs. In the contemporary design of online slot games, symbols serve various purposes. These slot symbols are designed by companies that develop online casino software and it could be useful for the players – novice or experts, to know the kinds of symbols such as bonus symbols, scatter symbols and wild reel symbols.

Scatter symbols can be displayed on any of the reels on the game slot while other symbols only appear on a specific enabled pay line. This enables increased flexibility in terms of receiving pay outs. Another benefit in choosing a slot game with scatter symbol is that the pay-out that is assigned to the table is multiplied by the entire wager. Payouts in the case of line pay outs are significantly low because it is only multiplied by the line bet. In contemporary online slot games, scatter symbols serve to trigger bonus features during the game.

Usually, wild reel symbols are logos that indicate the name of the specific slot game and it is used (just like any other symbol) required to be able to set up a winning combination. It’s similar to “joker” in poker game videos; hence, it is also described as replacement symbols of the online slot game. However, wild symbol are only utilized to substitute for regular symbols in line pay outs and not for other unique reel symbols. Wild reel symbols improve the chances of the player to win so it is something to look out for. Just like the other symbols in a modern slot games which serve as multipliers, wild symbols helps the player in setting up winning combination and it also multiply the pay outs according to the particular rule of the game. There are times that a specific amount of wild reel symbols that will be displayed in pay line will serve to elicit the bonus feature. These wild reel symbols are usually created by designing it in such a way that it will boost pay outs. A variation of wild symbols is a stacked wild symbol that appears in 2 or 3 lines resulting to same set of reels. The wild symbol is expanded when they appear to get displayed on the set of reel in order that the place of the reel will serve as a wild symbol. A few online slot games wherein regular reel symbols will be transformed to wild symbols randomly following the halt of the spin and pay outs will be recomputed derived from the particular circumstance. That variation is called the exploding wild reel symbols. In other online slot games, the customer can opt for any regular symbol as a wild reel symbol.

There are two kinds of bonus features that are usual in the modern online slot games. First is popular as the bonus appearing in the following screen as well as the second one is called the spin-for-free bonus round. If mutually these features appear, commonly, the wild symbol elicits one feature and the other will be elicited by scatter symbol. However, there are times wherein neither the scatter symbol nor wild symbol is utilized to elicit the bonus chance, what is used is the bonus reel symbol.