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Do Blackjack Betting Systems Really Work?

I always laugh at people who sit down at a blackjack table and believe that they have mastered a betting system that will cause them to win big. From time to time I will try to explain why betting systems do not work at blackjack, but I usually find that my fellow gamblers have been brainwashed into buying a book that claims that there is a system that really works.

While it is true that if you follow the statistical method to blackjack, you have a better chance of coming out ahead than if you did not. This does not mean that you will win every time, but it means that you will have a better chance of coming out ahead. In the long run, though, statistically, you will lose. This article is not about this, it is about blackjack betting systems.

It is also true that if you are card counting, you limit the casino edge considerably. It should also be remembered that card counting is illegal, and you run a risk of being kicked out of a casino, or worse yet, being sent to jail for the rest of your life. This article is not about card counting, it is about blackjack betting systems. Dominoqq is the trusted website for playing of variety of games. The players winning will not regarded as illegal at the sites. The experience and enjoyment of the players will be great. 

This article is focusing on those blackjack betting systems that tell you to bet double every time you win, or bet less if you go so many hands in a row and are losing. While this logic might sound correct to some people, it does not take into account that you are dealt random cards every hand. The only impact that your last hand will have on your current hand is that you have a lower chance of getting the two or three cards that you just played with. 200 tl deneme bonusu

The blackjack betting systems fall apart when you take a look at a regular game of blackjack. You might have someone go seven or eight hands in a row without winning, while the next person wins five hands in a row. If the two people were to change their bets to go along with streaks, the casino might have a better chance of coming out ahead.

Also, it should be pointed out that people who are regularly changing their bets at blackjack are usually closely watched by casino security. One of the techniques that is used during card counting is to change your bet with how many high cards are still in the deck. Blackjack betting systems do not warn you about this.

I have a friend that sat down with me once at a blackjack table. He was excited because he wanted to try out a new blackjack betting system that he had just learned about. After an hour, he was picked up by casino security and questioned. They reviewed the tapes for three hours before they realized that he was not card counting. I could have told them a lot earlier that my friend was horrible with math and did not have the mental wherewith to card count.

Websites that promote blackjack betting systems will usually try to sell you a book that has all of the tips that you need. Some with be systems that will rely heavily on card counting, which will get you in trouble. Others will be made up to look logical, but will not work out in the long run. Be very leery if you ever are offered one of these books from a site. The money is spent better elsewhere.

Horse Betting Can Make You Money

Handicapping horses and horse betting are two separate things. You can handicap a race perfectly, but you won’t continually make money from handicapping the horses unless you bet the horses properly. You can maximize the money that you make by sticking to some of the following horse betting strategies.

First, choose the races that you want to focus your money on. Unless you have an unlimited cash stream, you won’t have enough money to bet on every race. By picking your featured races in advance, you’ll ensure that you are making the best use of your funds and thus improving the bets that you make. Playing horse betting is just like playing poker. For you to win, you must know how to control the game. You should also be careful on choosing your alas.

The next step in successful horse betting is to watch the odds closely. This can be difficult to do, but in order to make the most of your horse betting, you need to keep track of not only the odds of your horse, but the odds vary between the wagering pools. For example, your horse may have 5 to 1 odds on the morning line and you find that the horse’s odds start off at 10 to 1 when the wagering opens. You’ll want to wait to place your bet until the post time gets closer so that you ensure that you are still getting good odds on the horse. You’ll also want to look at the exacta and trifecta pools to see how your horse is being bet in these areas. Sometimes, you’ll find that horses that are being bet heavily to win are not being bet at all in the exacta pools (and vice versa). In order to make the most out of your horse betting experience, you’ll want to place the bet so that you are making the most money, so if the odds are better for your horse in the exacta pools, you’ll want to place your bet here instead of in the win pools (i.e. make bets with your horse winning in the exactas instead of just betting your horse to win).

Good horse betting also means that you should “back yourself up.” This means that if you think that a horse is going to win the race, you shouldn’t only put it in the winning position, but you should consider betting exactas that would allow you to win money even if the horse came in second. Trifecta bets pay more, but are more difficult to pick too.

Horse betting can and should be fun, as long as you set wagering limits and think before you bet. One strategy that I’ve found useful is actually writing down the better before placing it – this helps me to make sure that I am placing the right bets. Have fun in your horse betting and of course, good luck!

Major League Baseball 2010 Over/Under Save Prop Bets & Predictions

The over/under proposition bets for Major League Baseball relievers can always be tricky. Always take into account whether there is a possibility of splitting saves or if the pitcher is on a downturn. In 2009 Francisco Rodriguez only saved 35 games for the New York Mets. The year before Rodriguez saved a Major League Baseball record 62 games. The added wear and tear on Rodriguez arm definitely had an effect on him. This is what happened in 토토 last time as well. 

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook originally posted eight relievers for this proposition bet, but Joe Nathan of the Minnesota Twins is now out for the season preparing to undergo Tommy John surgery. The remaining seven relievers are all solid, which leads to some tough decisions. All bets are -110 either over or under.

Francisco Rodriguez Over/Under 36.5 saves.

The question with New York Met, Francisco Rodriguez is simple. Is his arm dead forever or was 2009 an aberration? There is no doubt that whenever a pitcher saves more than 50 games they usually have a decline the next year. Trevor Hoffman was possibly the most consistent reliever of all time and he suffered the next year after saving 53 games in 1998. Bet under 36.5 saves for Francisco Rodriguez.

Rafael Soriano Over/Under 29.5 saves.

Tampa Bay Ray reliever Rafael Soriano saved 27 games for Atlanta last season and he is Tampa Bay’s official stopper for 2010. Last season was Soriano’s breakout season so still not enough to go on for a bet. No bet.

Jonathan Broxton Over/Under 35.5 saves.

Los Angeles Dodger reliever Jonathan Broxton completed his first full season as the Los Angeles Dodger stopper last season. Joe Torre has a lot of confidence in Broxton, so look for him to get more opportunities in 2010. The difference between Broxton and Soriano will be familiarity. Broxton will save more than Soriano this year and more than 35.5. Bet Broxton over 35.5 saves.

Jonathan Papelbon Over/Under 37.5 saves.

Boston Red Sox stopper Jonathan Papelbon averages 38 saves a season, right on the number. The last two seasons Papelbon has exceeded 37.5 with 38 in 2009 and 41 in 2008. Very tough call to make a play on Papelbon. Leaning towards the over but should play it safe and will say no bet.

Francisco Cordero Over/Under 32.5 saves.

Cincinnati Reds reliever Francisco Cordero has exceeded 32.5 saves the last three seasons. Cincinnati isn’t that strong but Cordero can save over 36 this season without much effort. Cordero is the perfect bet, he hasn’t been over used and has been consistent over the last three years. Bet Cordero over 32.5 saves.

Mariano Rivera Over/Under 36.5 saves.

New York Yankee Mariano Rivera is the Energizer Bunny of relievers. He keeps going and going–etc. Rivera is in the last year of his contract. Will he push himself too hard? Rivera showed chinks in the armor the last few years but he continues to deliver. 36.5 is not much for Rivera to overcome but he has been below that number of saves two of the last four years. Age has to factor in eventually, bet Rivera under 36.5.

Brian Wilson Over/Under 35.5 saves.

San Francisco Giant, Brian Wilson is still on the upswing entering his third year as the San Francisco stopper with 38 saves and 41 saves the last two seasons. San Francisco is still solid enough to put Wilson in position for 40-45 saves, it is up to Wilson to convert those save opportunities. Bet Wilson over 35.5 saves.

Don’t forget to shop the lines and get the best number. The numbers given in this article can change at any time. Always be aware of the number before placing a bet at the window.

Why I Don’t Play Poker Anymore

I used to really like poker. Well, to be more general, I used to really like playing cards. The fascination has died away, like my obsession with pogs and Pokemon.

While the latter two are understandable as they are more related to childhood, a category to which I no longer belong to, for poker it is something entirely different and playing it now only gives feelings of déjà vu, as though its DominoQQ all over again.

I think I can attribute this change to three reasons:

Even if I wanted to play, I couldn’t. No one I know plays poker anymore…I think the poker craze has died down since its heyday back in ’04/’05.    Poker is intrinsically not a very enjoyable game. A wise man (read: someone whose name I can’t remember) once described it as “excruciating boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” That is a perfect description. 90% of the time, you’re really just sitting there watching other people play.    Frankly, I’m not very good. This normally doesn’t dissuade me, but when losing costs money…well…I have to rethink things..  OK, these are all good reasons to quit poker, but saying that I quit because of them is a lie. I quit because of online poker.

Last winter break, I got bored staying home alone in San Ramon. So I figured I’d dump $25 into an online account and see how far I could get playing poker. If I lost, that would be the end of it. If I won, say, $100 or so, I’d cash out.

Yeah, right.

Within the first day, I had nearly $100 in the account. As you might imagine, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Then I calculated it out. 4 hours, $70…I had made $17.50 an hour. But that wasn’t enough. I needed larger stakes. $0.25/$.050 tables weren’t going to cut it anymore.

So over the next few days, I sunk nearly all my waking hours after work into online poker. Passed the $100 mark, then the $200, then the $300…all the way up to $428 and change. I kept pushing the cash-out mark higher and higher. Eventually, I just stopped thinking about cashing out. After all, why stop people from giving me their money?

Then The Hand happened. Every poker player has stories about The Hand.

So it all started when I got pocket rockets (a pair of aces). For those of you who don’t know, this is the “best” pre-flop hand in Hold-Em Poker.

I raise to $20, two people call me into the flop. One of them is the big man at the table (he had more money than me). The other has about $100. The flop comes out: Ace, 9, 5 rainbow. (This means that I have three Aces, and that no one else in the table can beat me with either straight or a flush. Long story short, I am winning this hand by a long shot.)

I’m sitting there salivating. Even better: the big man raises $40.

The other guy folds. And I do the old “online slowplay”. In online poker, you really only have two tells to measure a person by: how much he bets and how long he takes to play. So I pretend I’m thinking really hard and re-raise to $80 at the last possible second. (I AM SO SNEAKY!!)

Then the unbelievable happens. He re-raises again to $150. I’m thinking, what does this guy have? In actuality, I don’t really care. I’ve got a fish, I’m going to catch him. So I go all-in right away. $400.

He calls. I’m loving life. The turn and river come up, 9, Q. The 9 gives me a full house (one of the highest hands in poker.)

We show…and inexplicably, the chips go to him. But how…?

Apparently, that same 9 that gave me a full house on the turn gave HIM a four-of-a-freaking-kind (a very rare, very powerful hand). He had pocket 9’s.

$400. On a 4% chance.

And that, my friends, is why I do not play poker anymore.

Traveling to Laughlin, Nevada 2009 for Spring Break or Summer

Laughlin , Nevada is a wonderful getaway for Spring Break, or a romantic couples weekend. Laughlin is like Las Vegas without the crazy atmosphere. Laughlin is much more relaxing. We recently traveled to Laughlin and tested the hotels, restaurants and Casino to find out the best destinations available there.

Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino:

This is a Great resort, with many amenities. Located on site is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a Bowling alley, a Karaoke lounge where Don Laughlin himself visits every night, a hot dance clubs “The Losers lounge. There are 2 permanent car shows, gift shops, fine, casual and fast food restaurants, and a great Casino with bonus Blackjack and a learners roulette table. Oh yes and there is a 6 screen movie theater!

The rooms at the Riverside were a little shabby and in need of redecorating, They could also have been much cleaner. The Casino was not full of winners and the Casino was quiet most of the time. We also had no luck here! Go figure

I believe if you do decide to bring children to Laughlin that this is the only place to stay, They even have an on site Kids Castle Daycare Facility.

The best deals here are the free car show, The $5.00 movies, $2.00 bowling after 9pm, 99 cent Margaritas at the non smokers bar, The USS riverside tour boat $10.00 per person for a 90 minute tour up and own the river and sunset, and a free $10.00 voucher for Kings club members who sign up on line ahead of their stay. rooms are around $40.00 a night

The Aquarius Hotel and Casino ( formerly the Flamingo Hilton) Is really a lovely new addition to the riverside.

The hotel has limited amenities but, it is th only hotel casino in Laughlin that offers room service, and at a reasonable price.There is a rooftop Pool, nothing fancy and no jacuzzi, it has a window view Buffet dining room that is wonderful and romantic, H2O is a gourmet pizza cafe that is placed outdoors with a fire pit, H2O was not open the entire week we were there. The Casino is nicely laid out with a lot of selection but, pay was touch and go. The ACE rewards club card was horribly managed, we earned tons of goodies our first day due to their first day rewards program, but then the next day we were told that we didn’t earn anything. Very strange. We also had points deducted from our cards somehow.

Well there is nothing much to say about here as casinos are plush and clean as it attracts guests and visitors more than any other place in the hotel as everyone is hoping to earn a little more by showcasing their gambling skills, making Laughlin a bandar bola terpercaya which gives stiff competition to Las Vegas to become the best gambling city in Nevada.

The decor of the rooms was wonderfully classy, The entire hotel felt classy and rich. Unfortunately The staff was not hired to match. Rude desk clerks, No room availability during a mid -week stay, and horrible customer service at the ACE rewards club desk. Drink service while at he slot machines is very slow about 1 drink and hour, The tables were better.

The best deal at the Aquarius were the double point for ACE rewards members during their first 24 hours. we received 2 free champagne brunches, 2 free dinner buffets, 2 Aquarius shirts and $30.00 in free slot play.

Rooms start at $32.00 a night

The Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino- The most underrated Hotel/ casino on the river.

The Colorado Belle is Charming, nice simple amenities, Beautiful decor though out the hotel that makes you feel like you are really on a riverboat cruise. Fantastic giant Chandeliers hand from one end to the other of a massive Casino floor, And bells were constantly ringing here. I witnessed large and small wins, and even hit a couple of larger pots myself. The rooms are simple yet charming and clean.

On the downside, Drink service while gambling was non-existent. I never received a drink after gambling for four hours, I did however buy one at the bar with part of my winnings. The pool could use an update as well.

The best deal here was winning!

The Pioneer Hotel and Casino- Very popular original hotel on the river

This is one of the original hotels here in Laughlin, it is a ways down the river walk and good shoes are a must.

The Pioneer prides itself on being outdated and that is exactly what it is. You can still play slots with coins and buckets here . I at first thought this was sweet and charming a piece of gambling past. Yet as I stated to play I realized how incredibly lazy we re even when it comes to dumping our hard earned money into slot machines. This was a pain, and not nearly as much fun as I thought. The rustic hotel is clean, but very 1970’s cowboy style. It is fun for a little bit.

The best deal here was leaving with buckets of coins, you could only cash these out at the cashier and since their was a line, we took them out with us. I came home with alot of quarters!

The Golden Nugget- A little piece of History

One of the original Casinos here, The Golden Nugget is much like the pioneer, Old timely, rustic, and outdated.

Harrahs Casino and resort- this casino is far from everything

Harrahs located out of reach of the river-walk, is a car drive or a water taxi away from all of the other casinos. It is a beautiful hotel, with beautiful rooms, great amenities, The best beach in Laughlin, and swimming pool and jacuzzi to die for. Wonderful promotions and the very best Breakfast buffet I have ever seen or tasted.

Harrahs is expensive, and far from all the other casinos, The water taxi’s are $4.00 a person per ride one way, four of us traveled less than a 1/4 of mile for $16.00?

The best deal at Harrahs is the buffet, all you can eat and everything you can imagine!

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino – Charming and priced right!

The tropicana located across the street from the river hotels, but its a beauty and a bargain!

The Tropicans offers great deals from $20.00 a night, Great Card rewards and a well lit , well decorated casino. The rooms are spacious and simple yet, elegant.

Drink service here was very fast and I could not keep up with the cocktails.

However it is a long walk to visit the other Casinos and restaurants.

Betting Tips: Paul Malignaggi V Juan Diaz II

This weekend sees Juan Diaz rematching Paulie Malignaggi after their controversial first bout back in August. After Malignaggi enough noise about the decision (and the media helped) this fight was almost forced to happen, it was impossible for anyone to accept that Diaz deserved, most people watching felt he was “lucky” to say the least, which when Gale Van Hoy’s score card was read out made the whole thing seem like a joke. If anything the second fight promises to be a gamblers nightmare, so lets look at the best bets out there for fights fans. The to win market is a hard one, as far as I can see it’s a 50-50 fight, however that makes it easy, back the guy with the better odds and with Malignaggi as far out as 7/5 with Betfair he’s the value there. However at 25/1 ( and Betfred) it’s impossible not to want to go for the draw for small stakes, as I feel that’s surprisingly likely after the first fight the two had. With the Malignaggi odds (I think he’ll win) you have to think about the fuss he’s caused, he’ll want to prove he was robbed in the first fight as well as the judges thinking about the result and deciding they don’t want to be in a position of deja vu and being accused of favouring Diaz. However Bet365 are offering odds on the fight with out the draw, I’d stay away from this one personally as the odds are worse and I’m unsure what happens if it is a draw (dead heat rules? Void bet?) For the Over/Unders the marker is 9.5 rounds it’s going over, neither guy has a great punch and both have fairly solid chins (both fighters have been stopped once, Diaz against Marquez and Malignaggi against Hatton). The overs is priced at 1/5 (Boylesports) and is pretty certain as far as a 20% investment can go so this is worth loading up on and is probably the stand out bet (even if the odds don’t look it). The only way this one fails is if a clash of heads stops the fight and I can’t see that happening and the more information given by has shown the right situation of the gameplay which is all correct and helped the user to have a right selection of an team; if they are indulged for the betting odds. This would also pretty much rule out either fighter winning by stoppage as far as I’m concerned so how would they win? Well it’s going to be points one way or another lets be honest and it’s going to be close. So if you’re going to bet on it you can better than evens (11/10) on Diaz by points (Stan James and Bet365) much better than you’d get him outright whilst Paulie is 11/8 (again with Stan James). As far as the stoppages (if you can even imagine it) Diaz is better than 5/1 and Malignaggi is 11/1 (both on Betfair). Don’t waste you’re money as these are the two turkey’s as far as the match is concerned. So the bet of the fight would be to go more than 9.5 rounds, right? Wrong “Dutch” Diaz on points and Paulie outright for better odds than the 1/5 you’d get on the over unders and you’d also cover the very unlikely eventuality that Paulie stops Juan. You’d be guaranteed a profit if Diaz lost or if Diaz won on points (a lot more likely than him winning by stoppage) so gauge your stakes right and rack it up as this is the best idea here or just go for both fighters on points.

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How to Win at Roulette with maximum wins! Read to know

You need to understand one important fact when playing Roulette. It can not be beaten long term. The laws of mathematics can not be tilted in your favor no matter how hard you try. Having said what I just did, it is possible to win at Roulette short term. Let’s say you are visiting your friendly casino and are not interested in playing the slots and card games just don’t do it for you. You walk around the casino and notice the Roulette area is not crowded. You think to yourself, a nice refreshing several hours at the Roulette table sounds appealing especially if you have a great chance at coming away a winner. OK you say…what’s the system?

Essentially we start out betting a unit on any even-money chance that is trending.

By that I mean we look at the marquee. Most give 15 numbers so we use that as a base. If you are in a game with no recorded history, note 15-20 decisions and bet the leading one to start. Red and Black are your best choices as they are easy to visually recognize. This also works with odd-even and high-low.

Okay, we see that Black has more decisions than Red (regardless of the zeros that may have appeared) so we start betting on Black using the table minimum. For the examples herein, I will use $5 as the base bet as that is common.

Also, from the outset you will have to record which side won. Simple hash marks on a sheet of paper will suffice.

After 8 decisions have come and gone, check your wins and losses. If you are even or ahead, stay with the base unit.

If you are down, bet the loss. Let’s say you are at -$10. Your next bet will be for $10. Before placing your bet, look at the record. Is Black still in the lead? If so, keep betting Black. As soon as you are even or in higher profit stop betting the progressed amount and revert back to the base bet once again. So, assuming the next spin was Black, you won and are now even. At this point you start the 8-count all over again.

Had you lost once again (it happens), just bet the amount you are down. That could be the same $10 or more.

Anytime during the 8-count that you break even – STOP!!! Then restart with the base bet once again and restart the 8-count and to better understand it has introduced a new course that is mainly made for these kinds of concerns of an person. Each and every time we start a new 8-count, we check to see which side of the two even money choices is leading and bet that side. Over the course of a session you may find yourself changing sides a few times.

A variation of this plan has the bettor adding a unit so when he wins, the bettor will automatically be in profit. Let’s look at an example. If you are down by $10, then bet $15. If you are down $30, then bet $35. Not a bad way to play but at some point you will have to make a major decision. That will come when after a string of losses that has you progressing and you get a win. The first win may have you a unit or two down. But another win will give you a windfall profit. Do you go for that or just bet what you need to break even or get up a unit?

There you have it. You have been shown a way to play Roulette and come out a winner. Will I win every time you ask? The answer is an obvious no, but your chances of winning or coming out even are excellent using this strategy.


The Brutal Part of Computer Gaming

Fighting Games have revolutionized with the entire concept of computer games. Nowadays you can see almost every second person playing these kinds of games within the computers. One of the most common gaming platform for players is Pkv games which provides a variety of gaming options for players. 

The games started gaining fame within the late 1960 and early on 1970. This decades will be recognized with the arcade games which will designed people aware of the particular amazing theory behind. It was during those years only, the particular pc’s were being made available for the particular popular individuals and the gaming businesses launched the fighting games in order to influence with the particular huge sector thrown in front of them.

The shooting games are designed so which they understand the particular psychology of an individuals. An individual is granted the control with the gaming character. In most with the particular games, the game player is given any assignment that has to be completed within stipulated time. The assignment is separated towards various sub-levels and one gets having access to another level merely after the previous levels is crossed.

The games could be played within teams also; however the real attraction of a fight game is in actively playing alone and also beating all of the opponents. At present, you don’t even have to set up the game on your computer. Several online gaming websites have been released which offer everyone games every day and night.

To try out any kind of games computer and an Internet interconnection will be the primary need. The most recent games require your pc to be well equipped with a sound cards to give everyone amazing good quality, a high definition video card so that you are able to visualize the particular components with the games appropriately and a high speed internet connection to play online fighting games. Every single games has it’s minimum specs need which will must be fulfilled by your computer.

The particular fighting games have grown to be any controversial issue recently. A lot of kids obtain wrong impact on, from the fighting games and indulge within violent activities. Nevertheless it need to be understood the fact that fighting games are certainly not designed for kids and they are designed only for people over certain age group. It will become the responsibility of older people and also parents that they need to avoid playing the particular games in front of the kids. The parents should always see the particular rating on the game before purchasing. The rating evidently indicates the age range that the activity has been designed for. Games can definitely turn you into feel that you are fighting towards somebody. The particular interactive pictures, thrilling sounds make everyone really feel be a part of the actions.

The present day time fighting games are genuinely an awesome experience..

Texas Hold’em, All In

As you are flipping through the channels one evening you notice ESPN is having a marathon on the World Series of Poker, and you decide to see what the hype is about. As someone who has been an addict at playing the game on PokerQQ, I can understand the level of craze and fandom everywhere. Several hours later you find yourself watching two players battling back and forth, the tension in your living room is so tight that you do not realize the family dog has become your footstool. Finally, the moment you have been waiting for, one player has decided to go ‘all in’. As the other player calls, the hands are revealed and you see the bluff exposed. “How could he make that play!?” you exclaim as you kick what you believe to be your footstool in disbelief.

The art of poker is not easily classified. To be successful in the game, one must be knowledgeable in a vast amount of areas, literally a jack of all trades. A player must be able to calculate the probability they will catch a card which they need, and decide if the cost associated with seeing the next card is justified by the probability. Being able to ‘read’ your opponents is also essential to being successful. To truly master the art of reading players, one must develop their skills of observation and be able to detect any of the slightest signs a player may unknowingly give away which signals a strong or weak hand. Along the same lines, as a poker player you must be able to control your own tells which you give off by strictly disciplining yourself to be fully aware of every tiny movement or gesture you make. You can also use tells to your advantage by mixing up which movements or gestures you make for various hands, while making sure no patterns develop which other players may pick up on. Lastly but definitely not least, always pay tribute to lady luck, for when she turns on you, no strategy will save you.

Let these guidelines serve as a rough method to determine the proper time an all in play may be justified.

How should you know when the proper time to go all in is? By using the discussed guidelines, you may be able to derive the proper time to push your entire stack into the pot. Here are a few examples of what a poker player may consider before going all in:

Did his hand just twitch when he made that raise?

  1. You recall an earlier raise by the same player which his hand also twitched, and he folded to your all in move.

Consider the strength of your hand, and your odds, if they seem decent, go all in.

  1. You recall an earlier raise by the same player where his hand also twitched, and another player pushed all in. When the players laid down their hands, the player in question showed his two aces he was dealt.

Do not go all in unless you have a very strong hand, or very high odds of catching a strong hand.

  1. You’re unsure about the style of this player, seeing as that he just sat down at your table.

Calculate your odds, do the odds justify an all in move?

All of the sudden outspoken Joe has become silent as he makes a large raise.

  1. He became curiously quiet awhile ago when involved in a large pot, the pot went to the showdown and he showed Ace King.

These players enjoy entertaining themselves by listening to their own rambling while not involved in a large pot, but decide to take the game more seriously when they think they have a hand with the potential to earn them a large sum. Be wary and consider the strength of your hand, can it stand up against another strong hand?

  1. The player employed this strategy a few hands ago, and his competition all folded, he was then feeling cocky enough to display his horrible hand and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

This player knows you are going to notice his sudden silence, and wants you to conclude that he has a good hand. He is probably trying to give himself something to rub in your face for the next few rounds. If your hand has some decent strength, strongly consider pushing this opponent all in.

  1. Outspoken Joe has been all over the place the last few rounds, throwing chips into pots randomly, and has managed thus far to not get any horrible beats while still catching some lucky cards to build his chip stack.

This player is a gamble to play against, since he has been so random, you cannot deduce any logical explanation of what he may be holding. Consider the strength of your hand and if it’s worth risking against a lose cannon such as outspoken Joe. You may be best off waiting until you are against another opponent who you can more accurately judge before pushing all in.

While I have only covered a tiny fraction of the possible scenarios one may encounter, you can see the general idea behind judging an all in move. In regards to the move made in the World Series of Poker you were watching, perhaps the player who pushed all in thought he had gotten a read off the other player and was hoping to capitalize off this opportunity. Use these rough guidelines, and through practice you will be able to accurately gauge the opportune time to push all in.

Maryland Hold’em is a New Fun Game from the Maryland Lottery

The Maryland Lottery is expanding their television style games that are played at local bars and restaurants. They now have one that will appeal to fans of poker. The game is a game of luck, but the poker game will draw players into the game that might not play otherwise. The first television game the Maryland Lottery had was Keno, they then in the past six months or so introduced their Racetrax game based on watching an animated horserace. Now the latest game is built on the popularity of poker sweeping the country in the past several years.

I drove by the sign several times at a local bar advertising “Play Maryland Hold’em Here, The New Maryland Lottery Game”. I sort of dismissed it as a scratch off, but then visited the website and found out it was not a scratch off game. The website does not explain the game, so I had to go to the bar and find the instructions there. It is similar to the Keno and Racetrax games in that you fill out a betting card for each game you want to play. These games are as intense and challenging as games in dominoqq. So if you are a player who are into this type of game categories, then you are in the right place.

The screen has eight animated players on it. Before you fill out your card to make your bet, you have five minutes in between hands where you see the hole cards for each of the players. Also displayed is the percentages that each of those hole card hands have of winning the game (payouts on bets are roughly based on these). You can then bet on the main game or make a side bet.

If you choose to bet on the main game, you choose an amount to bet on your entry card, as well as a player to bet on. You can bet on multiple players if you wish, but you have to bet the same amount on each player unless you submit multiple entry cards.

You can also bet on the type of hand that will win the game. The trick here is there are only four types you can bet on. They are straight flush, four of a kind, full house, and flush. Payout odds are not revealed prior to the deal of the game, so you are sort of taking a blind shot here based on all the pairs of hole cards you see. The one thing is if a higher ranking hand out of those four wins, and you bet on one that is lower, you still win your bet, but your payout is lower than if you had bet on the winning hand.

After the five minute period is up, the remaining cards are dealt on the screen. This takes about one to two minutes, with some animation for entertainment value. After the hand is dealt, a winner is determined both for which animated player won the game. If you bet on them you receive your payout based on an unknown calculation based on their percentage chance to win the game after the hole cards were revealed. If you bet on the winning type of hand on the side bet, or one of the lower ones out of the four you can bet on, you win as well.

This game does not involve a lot of skill and is purely a game of luck. Even with that being said though it can be an entertaining way to pass some time at your local bar. The Maryland Hold’em game is released in limited release currently, and you can find a list of establishments that have it at Maryland Lottery’s website.

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