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Starcraft II Preview

As a child growing up, first getting into the computer was definitely a time of my life I can recall. Since the majority of kids spend at least half of their time at home on the computer, first getting into it can definitely be a life-changing event. When I first started playing video games on a weekly basis, Starcraft was my game. Thereafter with the evolution of the internet, I came across amazing online gaming websites such as Daftar Poker that offered some of my favorite card games. However, in this article, I am going to discuss about Starcraft. 

I was immediately addicted to Starcraft. I loved the all-out wars you can have in starcraft, as well as the fact that you can wage global war, get awesome powerful units, and go annihilate anything you pleased! I liked all of the different races in the game since they all had their own special abilities. The Protoss were essentially aliens and were able to build with one constructer, which was definitely convenient. The zerg could mass-produce units because they all came from one building, and the Terran were excellent siege. I played across all races, and the game never got boring! I could manage to play this game for hours at a time, sometimes even across a whole weekend where I had nothing better to do. Playing online was definitely an awesome experience as well, playing with other players was awesome. You’ll also have access to some of the coolest and most unique maps and game styles while playing online because you can share and download maps from other players while using the game online. is definitely an awesome online gaming service from blizzard too, and this service is completely free, as well as up to speed and without any lag! deneme bonusu veren siteler

And now we hear news of a Starcraft II coming out within the next year?! Hearing this has probably stirred up some of us old Starcraft fans. I personally haven’t been into Starcraft lately, but I Have played other Blizzard RTS games, such as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. But when I heard Starcraft II was going to come out, I nearly set down everything else and went to the store and purchased it. Then I realized the game might not be coming out for quite some time. flexbet

So what should we expect from a game continuing on such an awesome, perfect game for its time? The main website for this game can be found at Here, you can retrieve just about any information concerning the game that you could ever need.

Are there any new races? Sorry, no. Blizzard decided not to add any new races, as they wanted to keep to the old storyline. If you’re aware of the old storyline, you know exactly how this wouldn’t work, or screw it up anyways. However, there definitely are many other new effects, graphics, units, and abilities to make up for this. Trust me, this game is going to be a huge improvement over the first game, somehow.

There are new units for every race. Blizzard hasn’t publicly released exactly what all of the new units will be, however, if you view the demo on the site I listed above, you’ll get the general idea of how awesome this game is going to be.

The graphics in this game are going to drastically improve on the first Starcraft. The only problem with this is the fact that the system requirements are going to spike way above what they used to be. The system requirements can be found on the website I’ve provided you with, however, the game should still work fine with just about any computer purchased new within the last 5 years.