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The 5 Unit Roulette Bet System

Few games have odds as bad as playing inside bets in roulette, but playing with a good system, over shorter periods of time, can provide a good opportunity for successful betting. And this is where live casino Malaysia comes in handy.

The odds of any bet on an individual number being a winning bet are 37 to 1 when playing European Roulette and 38 to 1 in American Roulette whilst your winnings will always be only 35 to 1. The difference is thanks to the 0 and the 00 in American Roulette. This is called the ‘House Advantage’ and is applied to all bets. Since American Roulette increases the House Advantage by 50%, you are always better off playing at European Roulette tables.

There are a few systems that work relatively well that are based around the even bet options on the roulette table. The main one, known as Martindale, involves doubling a simple bet each time you lose the bet until you have a win. These types of rules do generally work but the winnings possible are very modest and they result in a very boring game. As you should always play roulette firstly for enjoyment, most players soon get tired of these strategies, looking for more excitement.

The 5 Unit Roulette Bet System provides some relatively good results along with more excitement from your roulette playing time.

Using the 5 Unit Roulette Bet System, you will be placing 5 bets on 10 numbers, in 5 pairs.

The numbers you choose for this system will be evenly placed around the roulette wheel, ensuring you have all parts of the roulette wheel covered.

It doesn’t matter which part of the wheel the ball lands in and we will always have roughly a 1 in 3 chance of winning the bet.

  • To use the system, you need to place the following bets:
  • 1 covering numbers 31-36 (on the six-line 31-36). This pays 5-1.
  • 1 chip on each of 5,8,21,& 29 on European Roulette or
  • 11,12,27 & 28 on American Roulette.
  • By using this system each time you bet, you are covering at least every 4th number on the wheel, evenly spread.
  • Any win using this system will give at least a 4 unit return and your maximum loss is 5 units per bet.
  • Never risk more than you can afford but when you win on the six-line, increase that bet by one unit.
  • If the system gives you a straight-up win, you can increase all bets by one unit. Keep doing this risk-free for each win.
  • If you have a losing bet, however, drop back to using just one unit on each position, for a total of 5 units.

By sticking to this roulette bet system, a winning streak will bring much a much bigger pot, whereas your losses will smaller. If you are losing, move onto a different roulette table or quit entirely for the day. there will always be another day.

Always make sure you have a limit for any day at the tables and stick to it. A bad day doesn’t improve by continuing to lose more than you can afford.

The Casino Roulette wheel is a favorite symbol to use for online casino advertising. To some, the Roulette wheel epitomizes the world of online casino listings.