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The Best Casino In The Usa

What makes a good casino? It is the games on offer? Is it the atmosphere, the food, the drinks or the showgirls? Or it is a combination of all of the above. Below is a list of the best casinos in America. Why do not you visit and a look to see for yourself what makes them so great.

Wynn Las Vegas. The casino is located on 215 acres in the Las Vegas Strip and is about 2.7 billion dollars. The casino is for many reason, but mainly because it is so beautiful and luxurious. It has been awarded 5 stars from around the MOBIL, FORBES and many other classification councils. A great feature of the casino itself, the Lake of Dreams, consisting of a music and light show over a water falling in a 3-acre lake. The casino was also the first to have a car dealership in it sells Maserati and Ferrari.

Boxwood Resort Casino in Nantucket, Connecticut, is one of the largest Casinos in the USA in the world. It is located an average of 4.7 million square meters and has more than gaming tables including blackjack craps, poker and roulette. It also has 7200 slot machines, which is the highest amount of slot machines in a casino in the world!

The Borgia Casinos in the USA in Atlantic City is distance with the best casino in Atlantic City. It was built to the high rollers do back to the East Coast and that’s it. The casino has a high level of energy and provides over 200 gaming tables and 4,100 slot machines. There are also numerous clubs and nightlife. They also have top headlining bands like Maria Kerry and New Kids on the Block playing in her event center

Caesars Palace is a beautiful hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It has been around since the 1960s have been. Today the palace is consists of 5 towers all. Room with Roman and large luxury Caesar is famous for its design and entertainment and has been featured in many Hollywood movies like: Rain Man, Rocky III, Dream Girl and more recently: the hangover.

When you want a list of the best casinos in the entire USA, it is Las Vegas, Nevada that takes the cake because you have numerous casinos lined up at every nook and corner where you can avail everything from a normal situs Judi to a huge blackjack round.

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