Top 6 Tips To Win At Slot Machine Games

It’s no hidden secret that slot machine games are one of the most loved games by people across the world, be it live casinos or their online counterparts. While slot machine games are the favourite games in some countries, they are surely climbing up the popularity ladder in others.

For freshers in the casino games arena, there are a couple of questions with respect to slot machine games that have always bugged them. These include the most asked question – “How to win at slot machine games?” and “Is there a way to beat the machine?”.

In this post, we discuss a few tips that will help you to win at slot machine games by understanding them better. Let’s get started.

1 . Prefer Higher Denomination Slots

When you play a slot machine game (aka jeux de machines a sous), irrespective of the fact whether it is an image or video based slot, the slot is valued at fixed amounts like dollar, quarter or nickel slots. It must be remembered that higher denomination slots like dollar slots will have a higher payback percentage.

It does not, however, mean that you should only play dollar slots. It works like this. Playing higher denomination slots also involves higher risk. Since there is higher risk, the returns are also high. So choose your game depending on the entertainment value and your risk appetite.

2. Prime The Pump

This is a very smart tip. Everything builds better with consistency. The proponents of ‘prime the pump’ strategy advocate that you always start small and keep winning small games. As you progress and accumulate the small wins, you can bet big when you see the opportunity to win big.Many regular casino players have tested this strategy and use it.

3. Choose the Slot Machine Carefully

This tip is actually based on a hunch, but you might call it an educated guess. When you are in a casino, just observing, you will be easily able to see the players who are playing slot machines which are located at the end of the row.

So the hunch is that you should select these machines when deciding to play slot machine games. Why, you ask? Because these slot machines are very visible to onlookers, casinos want you to see players winning and the theory is that these machines will have a higher winning ratio.

4. Check Payout Ratios

The best payout casino is important to find, especially when you are playing in an online casino. Just like you look at the past returns on a stock before investing in the company, it is equally important to look at the payout ratios of online casinos before placing your bets.

When it comes to slot machine games, the same factor needs to be considered. Overall payout ratio of a casino is important but one must also look at the streaks of slot machines before one decides to play the particular game. This small background check can yield better results.

5. Always Use Game Demos

This is one of the biggest advantages of online gambling. When you want to try out a new kind of slot machine and are itching to use the bonus that the site is offering you, hold your horses.

The ideal next step should be that you use Google or any other search engine to look for videos or articles that feature experiences of other people who have played the same game and shared their reviews.

This way, you will be better prepared to understand the theme of the game and will not spend money mindlessly on a machine that is not even entertaining you.

6. Utilise Those Bonuses

Most online casino websites offer you signup bonuses. All you need to do is register on the website and use the bonus before you can actually get any payout. This works well for both the casino as well as you.

You can use the bonus to try out new games that you have always wanted to try but could not because you were not willing to use your hard earned money. Further, once you play regularly on a website, always be on the lookout for offers and bonuses for regular players.

Having said all that, it is important to realise when you are playing for real money and when you are just having some fun. Gambling is addictive per se but online gambling is even more addictive than live gambling because of the extreme convenience it offers. 

There is often an illusion in online gambling that you are not spending real money because there is no hard cash involved. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, people end up spending more money in online casinos. This should always be at the back of your mind. Constant vigilance helps.