Traveling to Laughlin, Nevada 2009 for Spring Break or Summer

Laughlin , Nevada is a wonderful getaway for Spring Break, or a romantic couples weekend. Laughlin is like Las Vegas without the crazy atmosphere. Laughlin is much more relaxing. We recently traveled to Laughlin and tested the hotels, restaurants and Casino to find out the best destinations available there.

Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino:

This is a Great resort, with many amenities. Located on site is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a Bowling alley, a Karaoke lounge where Don Laughlin himself visits every night, a hot dance clubs “The Losers lounge. There are 2 permanent car shows, gift shops, fine, casual and fast food restaurants, and a great Casino with bonus Blackjack and a learners roulette table. Oh yes and there is a 6 screen movie theater!

The rooms at the Riverside were a little shabby and in need of redecorating, They could also have been much cleaner. The Casino was not full of winners and the Casino was quiet most of the time. We also had no luck here! Go figure

I believe if you do decide to bring children to Laughlin that this is the only place to stay, They even have an on site Kids Castle Daycare Facility.

The best deals here are the free car show, The $5.00 movies, $2.00 bowling after 9pm, 99 cent Margaritas at the non smokers bar, The USS riverside tour boat $10.00 per person for a 90 minute tour up and own the river and sunset, and a free $10.00 voucher for Kings club members who sign up on line ahead of their stay. rooms are around $40.00 a night

The Aquarius Hotel and Casino ( formerly the Flamingo Hilton) Is really a lovely new addition to the riverside.

The hotel has limited amenities but, it is th only hotel casino in Laughlin that offers room service, and at a reasonable price.There is a rooftop Pool, nothing fancy and no jacuzzi, it has a window view Buffet dining room that is wonderful and romantic, H2O is a gourmet pizza cafe that is placed outdoors with a fire pit, H2O was not open the entire week we were there. The Casino is nicely laid out with a lot of selection but, pay was touch and go. The ACE rewards club card was horribly managed, we earned tons of goodies our first day due to their first day rewards program, but then the next day we were told that we didn’t earn anything. Very strange. We also had points deducted from our cards somehow.

Well there is nothing much to say about here as casinos are plush and clean as it attracts guests and visitors more than any other place in the hotel as everyone is hoping to earn a little more by showcasing their gambling skills, making Laughlin a bandar bola terpercaya which gives stiff competition to Las Vegas to become the best gambling city in Nevada.

The decor of the rooms was wonderfully classy, The entire hotel felt classy and rich. Unfortunately The staff was not hired to match. Rude desk clerks, No room availability during a mid -week stay, and horrible customer service at the ACE rewards club desk. Drink service while at he slot machines is very slow about 1 drink and hour, The tables were better.

The best deal at the Aquarius were the double point for ACE rewards members during their first 24 hours. we received 2 free champagne brunches, 2 free dinner buffets, 2 Aquarius shirts and $30.00 in free slot play.

Rooms start at $32.00 a night

The Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino- The most underrated Hotel/ casino on the river.

The Colorado Belle is Charming, nice simple amenities, Beautiful decor though out the hotel that makes you feel like you are really on a riverboat cruise. Fantastic giant Chandeliers hand from one end to the other of a massive Casino floor, And bells were constantly ringing here. I witnessed large and small wins, and even hit a couple of larger pots myself. The rooms are simple yet charming and clean.

On the downside, Drink service while gambling was non-existent. I never received a drink after gambling for four hours, I did however buy one at the bar with part of my winnings. The pool could use an update as well.

The best deal here was winning!

The Pioneer Hotel and Casino- Very popular original hotel on the river

This is one of the original hotels here in Laughlin, it is a ways down the river walk and good shoes are a must.

The Pioneer prides itself on being outdated and that is exactly what it is. You can still play slots with coins and buckets here . I at first thought this was sweet and charming a piece of gambling past. Yet as I stated to play I realized how incredibly lazy we re even when it comes to dumping our hard earned money into slot machines. This was a pain, and not nearly as much fun as I thought. The rustic hotel is clean, but very 1970’s cowboy style. It is fun for a little bit.

The best deal here was leaving with buckets of coins, you could only cash these out at the cashier and since their was a line, we took them out with us. I came home with alot of quarters!

The Golden Nugget- A little piece of History

One of the original Casinos here, The Golden Nugget is much like the pioneer, Old timely, rustic, and outdated.

Harrahs Casino and resort- this casino is far from everything

Harrahs located out of reach of the river-walk, is a car drive or a water taxi away from all of the other casinos. It is a beautiful hotel, with beautiful rooms, great amenities, The best beach in Laughlin, and swimming pool and jacuzzi to die for. Wonderful promotions and the very best Breakfast buffet I have ever seen or tasted.

Harrahs is expensive, and far from all the other casinos, The water taxi’s are $4.00 a person per ride one way, four of us traveled less than a 1/4 of mile for $16.00?

The best deal at Harrahs is the buffet, all you can eat and everything you can imagine!

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino – Charming and priced right!

The tropicana located across the street from the river hotels, but its a beauty and a bargain!

The Tropicans offers great deals from $20.00 a night, Great Card rewards and a well lit , well decorated casino. The rooms are spacious and simple yet, elegant.

Drink service here was very fast and I could not keep up with the cocktails.

However it is a long walk to visit the other Casinos and restaurants.